• Characters

  • · A man in search of home
    a) His search for his place in the world
    · A man facing obstacle and temptation
    a) Life involve overcoming barrier to our goal
    · Odysseus recount his long, sad journey
    · Describe his homeland (Ithaca)
    a) Good for a boy training
    a) Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home
    · Odysseus overcome desire in order to achieve to his goal
    a) Odysseus tone heart sick for home
    a) Sorrow for his men who died
    He is humbled, broken men who has lost 20 years of his life and men and returning to his homeland\

    1. Alcinous

· Show hospitability

· Odysseus is a stranger

· Given the guest the place of honor

· Odysseus is asked to talk about himself
  • 1) “…Men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war…”
  • 2.Odysseus