The Lotus Eaters Odysseus and his crew landed on a island.To search for supplys food and water.his crew saw some people on a hill. So they when after the people. The people saw them coming they ran in the buliting. the crew catch them they afer the crew the furit. The crew ate the furit and they did't want to leve the island. All they want to eatr the furit they lost the dezird to go home. the king of the island tried to get Odyssues the lotus. BUt odyssues act like he ate the louts.odyssues saw how his crew act like after they ate the louts they was acting funen. So Odyssues ask his men if they was ready to leave the island. they said that theydid'nt want to leave the island they wanted to stay and eat the louts. So odyssues tied his men to the orsw for the can leave the island