The Enchantress Circe by Mr. Cullen's 4th period

PLOT SUMMARYCirce was a beautiful Enchantress which was stop number 4 on Odysseus' trip trying to get back home. He had just left from the island of the Cyclops. There he had just lost six men. They were stopping to grab some water when the wind god Aeolis was there. Aeolis took all of the bad winds away so Odysseus could have an easier trip backhome. On the way home the men started to get a little curious. They could see Ithica but someone had just opened the bag of winds and let the bad winds out. This caused them to be blown to the island of Circe. Here they have no food, water, or any supplies. Odysseus made some of his men go hunting to look for food. These men were captured and turned into animals. One of the men came back and told what happened. Some of them did not believe him. So Odysseus went to see for himself. Hermes meets him on the way there and gives Odysseus something to protect him from Circe's potion. When he gets there, Circe gave him the potion and he does not change. She makes him a deal that if he sleeps with her she will turn his crew from animals back into men. He does this and sure enough his crew is turned back into men. Even though he slept with another women, he was still thinking of his dear Penelope in Ithica. He only slept with Circe to get his men back. She tells him to find out the way home he must go to the land of the dead and speak to a blind man that is there. Our story continues in the land of the dead.CharactersThere are four Characters that are pronounced in the part of the story Tthe enchanchress CirceOdysseus- A very valuble warrior in combat and troubled by pride. The gods favor him for his ability to think under tight situation and his reaction to situiationsCirce- Circe is the beautiful goddess that can turn men into swine. Circe had the same intention as calypso did planning to keep odysseus. Circe is a goddess very beautiful and has the ability to seduce.Hermes-Hermes is the messanger of the powerful god zeus. Hermes come has wings on his feet that make him glide in the air. He helps odysseus escape the hold that claypso had on Odysseus.Eurylicas-One of Odysseus men in combat and boat men and a friend. Eurylicas is the curious one that opens the bag of winds that was givin to odysseus by Aeolis. Eurlyicas curiousness had gotten them blow back forther from ithica.