The Cyclops

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In the “Odyssey”, Odysseus and his crew have landed on an island. While on the island, Odysseus and his crew try to relax. They drink wine and ate. They hear a noise. Then the Cyclops, Polyphemus returned to the cave. He returned with sheep and boughs for his fire. He began to poke at the fire and saw Odysseus and his crew. He asked who they were. Odysseus, being the clever man he is-thanks to the goddess Athena-told the Cyclops they were Trojans blown of course from home. He told Polyphemus that he should treat his guests with xenia, or hospitality, with it being the custom to the Greeks. Polyphemus says he does not abide by the rule. Odysseus said Zeus would punish Polyphemus for disobeying. Polyphemus asked where Odysseus’ where his ship was, and Odysseus said that it was destroyed. The Cyclops did not reply, instead he snatched up two of the crew members, busted in their skulls, tore the limbs apart and ate them. He then lay to sleep. Odysseus goes to stab him in his liver, but stopped. He knew if he did that, they would never get out. The next day the Cyclops awoke, did his chores and ate two more men. Odysseus hoping to find away to hurt the Cyclops, Athena granted him with the answer. There was an olive branch. He used it to make a gigantic spear. The Cyclops returned and tended to his chores. He then feasted on two more men. Odysseus then gave the Cyclops wine, and while the Cyclops was drunk, he asked Odysseus his name. Odysseus said Nohbdy. When the Cyclops passed out, Odysseus and his men blinded him with the spear. While blinded, the Cyclops called out for help. ‘Nohbdy, Nohbdy’s tricked me. Nohbdy’s ruined me!’ he had called. No one came to his aid. The Cyclops then became angry. He began reaching while the ram escaped. Odysseus and his men were tied to the rams bellies. When they reached the ship, Odysseus began to call out. He announced his name, his father, what he is known for and his home. The Cyclops lodged part of the hilltop at them. The Cyclops spoke of a wizard mentioning Odysseus blinding him. Polyphemus then called to Poseidon, his father, and cursing Odysseus.


Odysseus and his man come near the land of Cyclops, they admire the island and look around the land. Odysseus and his man slept there for the night and when the morning came they ate on many goats. When they all woke up from there good resting, Odysseus told them that he wanted to investigate what and who loved on the island. They reached close to the cave and noticed its rough structure of rock. At that point the Cyclops wasn’t in the cave he was out with his sheep. In the cave they found a bunch of cheese and lambs. The men eager to take all the good but Odysseus told them not to. They lit a fire near by and ate some of the cheese. All of a sudden they hear the Cyclops coming and they quickly hide. Soon Cyclops sees Odysseus and his men and starts questioning them, like who they are and were are they from. Odysseus is afraid to speak but still manages to speak to him. Odysseus tells Cyclops that he should treat his guest as how the Greeks do. Cyclops says that he doesn’t care what Zeus or anybody else had to say and that he does not fear them. Cyclops also asks them were they had hid there ship but with Odysseus cleverness he tells him that he had gotten destroyed on the way there. Than Cyclops grabs two of Odysseus men and smashes them into rocks and eats them piece by piece. The rest of the crew shockingly and scared just watch as it was being done. Odysseus men wanted to kill him but Odysseus new better, he knew that if they kill the Cyclops than they would not be able to move the big stone in front of the entrance. Odysseus and his men had no other choice but to stay in the cave and wait till morning. In the morning Cyclopes leaves the cave and takes his sheep out the door closing the entrance with the big stone. In the progress Odysseus and his men make a spear from olive wood and sharpened it with fire. When Cyclops came back Odysseus offered Cyclopes for some wine and Cyclopes drinks it all. Odysseus manages to get Cyclopes drunk, ones he realizes that Cyclopes is completely out of it, he takes the chance to use the wooden spear and blind him with it. Cyclopes yells in anger and in pain and takes the spear out of his eye. Cyclops yells out “nobody’ tricked me, everyone listening thought that he was a fool, so they didn’t pay attention to what was being said or what had been done. Cyclops blocks the open door and stands in the way to stop the men from leaving. Odysseus and his men thought of a way to get out by getting under the bellies of the sheep going out. Once they were out Odysseus yelled out his name and yelled out that it was him who blinded Cyclops.

ODYSSEUS: A clever, strong, prideful, handsome greek hero who had been captured by a one-eyed monster.Who was Poseidons' son. Odysseus' strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence in his authority is shown when he is captured by the Cyclops. Odysseus tricks the Cyclops by pulling all these clever tricks on him and they seem to have worked out fine. The main meaning of trying to trick the Cyclops was because Odysseus wanted to defeat and but mainle to escape. The main trick of all that Odysseus pulled out on the Cyclops was by blinding him. Odysseus and his crew escaped safe and sound but only few of his crew seen the sight of freedom of the cave.
POLYPHEMUS: Poseidon's son. He is a one-eyed monster who is more prideful about who is. He doesnt show xenia when he finds out that Odysseus and his crew is lingering around in his cave. He feasts on Odysseus' men for his dinner. He is easily tricked by Odysseus and that gets him blinded. After he is blinded, he curses Odysseus. He says that he does not want Odysseus to ever reach his home Ithaca. He prays to his father, Poseidon to give him trouble on the sea while he is sailing off.