The Cattle of the Sun God

In the story the cattle of the sun god odysseus' crew landed on thrinakia,the island of the sun god.When they hit land they saw cattle but odysseus made the men swear to not touch the cattle.After a while a bad storm hit the island that lasted for a long time.Odysseus and his men ran out of food and were slipping deeper and depper into starvation.Odysseus being strong prayed to the gods for a solution they did give him a solution they sent him into a deep sleep.While odysseus was asleep the crew were so hungry one crew mate led the men into eating the cattle.He saide that when they reached ithaca they wld build a temple for helios,the sun god. They sacrificed the finest cattle and ate it. When odysseus woke from a deep slumber to see the men eating cattle. Helios was outraged at the crew and demanded punishment from zeus. When they set saile the ship was destroyed by a thunderbolt from zeus.leaving odysseus alone.