The Beggar and The Faithful Dog
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTuttWu1_LAeu9flw4HkBVO104YEQe2x0Bo1Bsx0G1McmI1Z-PkUZoQqgthe begger "odysseus" and the faithful dog

Plot summary

Odysseus in “The Beggar and The Faithful Dog” was disguised as a beggar. But back in Greek times mask or disguises were worn by Greeks to assume them to be different people. “The beggar”, Odysseus, returns home to find that his servants have been unfaithful to his will and the suitors where being abusive. No one in the palace or anywhere recognized Odysseus, but his dog, Argos did! While Odysseus was gone, Argos had been abused/neglected. When Odysseus saw his dog, he weeps over his dog because of the way the dog looked and had been treated. The name Argos is a symbol of faithfulness. The slaves and servants took advantage while the master, Odysseus, was away. Odysseus being the beggar was taunted by the suitors. The beggar meets with Penelope and he has news of Odysseus. While the beggar is meeting with Penelope he test her. Penelope tell the servant, Eurycleia to wash his feet and as she is washing his feet she recognizes a scar on his leg. Eurycleia finally realizes that the beggar is Odysseus, cause she know that scar. Athena continues to work on Odysseus’ behalf. She keeps his identity a secret and assures him that he will vanquish all of the suitors.

Plot Analysis

Odysseus is disguised as a beggar before he makes his arrival known when he returns home. The point of him being disguised it that he does not know if everyone in his palace is still loyal. Odysseus's dog recognizes him even though he is disguised and uses his last moments to try an wag his tail at Odysseus. Argos (Odysseus's dog) has been neglected and abandoned. Argos symbolizes faithfulness because he actually recognizes his master and he is lying at the gates. Argos lying at the gate is him standing guard despite his condition. Eurmaus says that slaves take advantage when the master is away. The ones that took advantage we not really loyal to begin with. The whole point of Odysseus not revealing his true identity is so that he can find someone that is still loyal and that has stayed faithful. This shows Odysseus's caution and wisdom because if he had of just came as himself he would have most likely been killed.