Using your groups from the Poetry Project, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Read the section of the story titled "I am Laertes' Son" (pp. 656-658)
  2. View the class notes at my web-site Here (the notes are under the "Pages and Files" tab - Lesson 31)
  3. All members must write a reaction to the journal topic by posting a comment using the "Discussion" tab at the top of this page. You must title your comment "Journal Reaction".
  4. Go to I am Laertes Son and take the quiz (follow directions carefully!)
  5. Find your group web assignment Here and complete.

Tips for completing assignment
Open up Microsoft Word and keep it open for the entire class
Write out all posts, responses, findings in Microsoft Word first, THEN post them to the web-site
Use the following Windows commands to help you copy, cut, paste:

  • To copy: press CTRL + C keys
  • To cut: press CTRL + X keys
  • To paste: press CTRL + V keys