Odysseus and Penelope

Plot Summary

After Odysseus had slayed all the suitors he got his disloyal servants to clean up all of the blood and the dead bodies. After, they had clean everything the disloyal servant were hanged in the courtyard by Telemachus.Penelope was told that Odysseus had return, but Penelope didn't believe that the beggar was her husband Odysseus. She thought the gods were playing a trick on her. She goes to meet Odysseus and tells him that he will be tested. When Telemachus heard that from his mother's mouth he started to yell at her and told her that how could she such a cruel mother. Odysseus was happy to hear this. He knew that his wife was faithful. Penelope had told Telemachus that there are things that only me and your father know and no one else. Penelope had told Odysseus that he need to find the secrets to their marriage. One of the secrets was the marriage bed and how it is built. And the tree was another secrets of theirs. Penelope and Odysseus had reunited after Odysseus had passed the test and both were filled with joy and tears were in their eyes.

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Odysseus- The wise and strong odysseus who is over joyed to see his wife runs to her. He has ben away for

20 years. But has never stoped longing for her and now his dream will come true.

Penelope-She is also as wise as odysseus after weaving her tapistry and undoing it by night. But for her to belive

That it is him against all odds that he has returned home to ithica. She tests him by tellling the maid to move there bed

out side of the room for him.

Telemachus- The son of odysseus and penelope. who is angery for his mother not acsepting that that is odysseus.