Meeting of Father and Son

Plot Summary

This part of the story started with with Odysseus meets his son at the cow herders home. He lives in a some shed. The man knows that its him. Odysseuss' son comes and he trys to tell him that he is his dad but his son doesn't believe him. He finally takes it in that he is hs father. Its really hard to tell if thats his father on his behalf because the last time he seen him he was just one day old. Plus everybody been telling him his dad is dead which he had started to believe that because he couldn't find him anywhere. Well after they talk his son tells him what is going on in his palace.


Eumaeus- Is a old and trusty swineherd. He is the very image of faithfulness in a servant.
Penelope- Odysseus's wife. Couldn't believe that Odysseus is home after 20 years from Ithaca.
Telemachus- Odysseus's son. Saw his father for the first time.

Athenia- the goddest of wisdom.