I am Laertes' Sonperiod 1


· Odysseus recount his long, sad journey
· Describe his homeland (Ithaca)
o Good for a boy training
o Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home
· Kept (tempted) by calpo and circe
· Odysseus tone
o Heart sick for home
o Sorrow for his men who have died (he is the stole survivor)
o At this point, he is a humbled broken men who has lost 20 years of his life, all his men, and return home to Ithaca alone
· King of Phaeacian
· Show hospitality
· Odysseus is a stranger
· Given the guest’s place of honor
Odysseus is asked to talk about himself
· “…men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war …”

· Calypo has kept Odysseus for herself
o Want him to stay with her
o Promise him immortality
Calypo represent temptation
o Her home is paradise
o She offer immortality to Odysseus
o Life with her is a life of pleasure
· She broken the code of xenia
· Odysseus men make themselves at home
· Circe mistreat Odysseus crew
· She is the daughter of helio, the god of the sun

· A few men ate lotus
· Do not report back to ship
· Forget thought of home
· Feasting on the cattle of the cicones with much wine (celebrating their victory at troy)
· Men ignore Odysseus command to leave
· Live were lost
· Temptation can lead to excess
· Taking the lotus create euphoric sensation
· Temptation lead to loss of motivation