Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology


Zeus -

He is the chiefest of gods. He sends his messenger, Hermes to Calypso to demand she release Odysseus at his daughter, Athena's request.

Hermes -

He is the messenger god who finds himself enraptured by Calypso's beautiful island.

Calypso –

Beautiful goddess who holds Odysseus hostage on her island. Much imagery is associated with Odysseus' experience with Calypso suggesting that her temptation is great. Even Hermes, who comes to deliver a message from Zeus to the goddess, finds her island enchanting.

Athena –

Places In The Odyssey-

  • Ithica- Odysseus' home, the kingdom he built himself. He and his wife penelope started this kingdom around a single tree.
  • Troy- Another city or kingdom that took the princes of a fellow king of Greece. They fought in a 10 year war with Greece only to be defeaten by Odysseus.
  • Aeolia- Island of the wind God Aeolus. This is where Odysseus get the bag of wind which his crew opens in curisity throwing them off course.
  • Aeaea- The island of the enchantress Circe. This is where Odysseus and his men wash up after they open the bag of wind.