Death at the Palace

I think that Death at the Palace is trying to teach the greek students that if the gods say it is alright to do something then go ahead and do it. I also think it is teaching the students that the greek gods help you through anything. An example of that is Poseidon. Poseidon cursed Odysseus but he also helped him. He helped Odysseus to remember to not have too much pride. Pride is a good thing but you have to use it wisely. I learned that if you believe and trust that you can do pretty much anything you want to do. Odysseus had to kill the suitors that invaded his palace and used his money, I think that was right of him to do. The gods gave him the sign to go ahead and kill the suitors. If Odysseus had went ahead and killed the suitors without the gods approval he would have been in big trouble. After reading this book in the odyssey I understand the greek culture and gods a little bit better. -- Ebony Price