Ancient Greek Culture


At the begin of the story "The Odyssey" Odysseus tells his wife, Penelope, that if he does not return by the time their son grows his first beard, she must remarry.Odysseus Kingdom is full of suitors( a person who requests,petitions,or entreats). There are 108 suitors at his palace trying to fight for the hand of penelope's hand in marriage, but the only thing they want is the all the riches and loaylty that belonged to Odysseus. (Amberk) external image moz-screenshot.pngwaterh14.jpgI

While in the palace as Odysseus comes back into his home disguised as a beggar,Penelope is makeing up an competition for the suitors to string a bow though 12 AXE-HELVES. Knowing none of the suitors can string the bow but Odysseus. Odysseus meets up with the Swineherd and the cowherd to make up a plan to destory all of the suitors. PLAN: to get the bow from the suitors, lock all the aids and penelope up in a room, and then string the bow infront of the men, as his son Telemcaus takes all the weapons from the suitors, the sutiors at thius point is scared knowing now that this beggar is Lord Odyessus. (Amberk)